Our Christmas list: toy ideas 2018 (kids 4+ yrs)

Hello, mommies and daddies! How are Christmas preparations going for you? We just finished decorating our Christmas tree and are all done shopping too for Christmas presents. In case you need some inspiration on what to get your little ones.. well… not you, Santa, of course 🙂 … here’s what he’s gonna put under our tree, this year.  These are all toys suitable for a 4 year old, or even a 3 year old.

It’s kinda hard to navigate the stores in search of a good toy, one that will not be thrown away after just 2 minutes of play, hopefully, so here’s what we got Alex, this Christmas, after extensive research. I do that, you know. It takes me a while to pick toys for him and I always do my research before I decide what to buy, simply because I’d like to minimize the chances he won’t play with it, it would just mean it’s a waste of money, wouldn’t it? And we don’t want that.

This Christmas is the first one he actually asked for one specific toy, he wants “the dinosaur that roars and eats broccoli” :). He’s a really big dinosaur fan, our house looks like a prehistoric playground, most of the time. ( We’re a bit desperate… please, someone save us! Haha!)

As I was saying, he wants the broccoli eating dinosaur so much, that, last week, when we went to Squamish, to see Santa, at the Sea to Sky Gondola,  he carried this little drawing with him all the way up to the top of the mountain, just to show it to Santa, in case he didn’t understand what he wants. He’s pretty old ya know… he might need to see a picture! Haha

Ok, so before I move on to the actual Christmas toy list, I have to tell you that our Christmas shopping always starts early, these are toys we purchased starting from October, this way, our budget isn’t completely killed in December, by all the shopping we need to do.

I also don’t really like leaving the Christmas shopping for the last minute because I pretty much hate shopping in crowded stores, I feel it adds up to the stress and it really brings out the worst in me, to be honest 🙂 … as for the online stores, there’s a pretty big chance that, what you ordered, won’t arrive in time for Christmas, if you do last minute shopping.

So, here’s what Santa Claus is leaving under our tree, this year, for our ‘lil man.

1)Fur Real Munchin’ Rex, from Hasbro

This is the dinosaur that Alex wants so much for Christmas and I have to admit, it’s a pretty cool choice. I like this baby dinosaur too and that’s a lot coming from me, as I kinda feel we’ve been overtaken by these creatures, generally. This one though, I really like it too.

It’s an interactive toy, with 35 sounds and different movements, it eats cookies, drinks milk from it’s milk bottle and eats his broccoli too. He doesn’t always likes the cookie, he sometimes spits it out, but what he does like, though, every time, it’s… the broccoli! Haha! That really made me laugh! Good one, Hasbro! Funny! :))

You can find it on amazon.ca here.

If your kid isn’t really a big dinosaur fan, you have to know that the Fur Real collection has other animals too, that do pretty much the same thing. There’s a lot of them to choose from: tigers, dragons, puppies, kitties.

Here’s their commercial, just to see it in “action”:

2)  See through creative workshop –  Educational Insights

Now I know for sure Alex will enjoy this toy, as he’s at that age when he loves experimenting and doing things by himself. I’m sure we’ll get hours and hours of play, out of this toy. The set has a drilling machine that works on batteries and also comes with these cards that shows children how to create different models.

It’s an educational toy, that helps kids develop their logical thinking and observation skills, as well as their fine motor skills. It’s also been nominated as finalist in the Toty, toy of the year Awards 2019.

You can find the set on amazon.ca here.

 3) Crate Creatures – Snort Hog

This little adorable monster is an interactive toy. He makes over 45 sounds depending on how you interact with it. He comes locked up in this cage, which you can unlock using a crowbar that comes with it. The good thing about it is you can lock him up and release him, as many times as you want, and this is a feature I know my lil man will surely enjoy.

What I think he’ll like the most, except for the monster farting and burbing, after he is fed his corn dog, is that he has a really cool recording feature. Your kid can record himself and then Snort Hog will replay what he said, in a monster voice. If you hold him upside down, he’ll play the recording backwards. How cool is that?! 🙂

If you lay him on his back, he’s gonna go to sleep and start snoring. He’s not very well mannered, isn’t he? Haha. But that’s exactly why he’s so fun.

You can buy Snort Hog here.

Here’s the ad for the Crate Creatures collection:

4)  Secret Temple with T-Rex building set, from Playmobil (9429)

What can I say about it except that,  for a little boy that’s passionate about dinosaurs, it’s the perfect gift. I like it because it encourages role playing and sparkles our kids’ imagination. We really love the Playmobil sets, we have purchased quite a few of them in the last couple of years. They’re really good quality toys.

You can find the set here.

These are the toys that Santa will leave under our tree, this year. All we have to do now is help him wrap them and wait for him! 🙂

Merry Christmas to all of you! May your holidays be filled with joy and laughter and bring together all your loved ones. In the end, I think this is the greatest gift of all: being together.


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