6 fun winter activities with kids, when you want to escape the house, but you can’t really play outside (for too long) either

Ok, ideally, winter time means a lot of time spent outside, playing in the snow, making snow angels and snowmen, but sometimes, the weather is just too bad for you and your little ones to be out for too long. I’m not the kind of mom to get scared at the first sight of snow and run inside, block all doors and windows and wait for spring, but let’s be realistical about it: as much as we do encourage outside play, it simply isn’t possible for us to spend as much time outside in the winter, as we do on those long nice summer days.

This is my outside activity list for just those kind of days, when you can’t really stay outside for hours, without turning into Yetis. 🙂

1) Go to the local library

This is our favorite thing to do, when we can’t really go to the park.

Alex picks his books and we spend an hour or two exploring the shelves and reading stories. It’s a wonderful way to spend some quality time together too.


2) Go bowling

This such a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Our lil man is definitely a bowling fan, ever since we took him bowling for the first time. He loves it, it’s such a fun way to use up all that energy.

It’s fun, fun, fun!

3) Go to the movies or buy tickets to the theatre

Pick a movie your kid will enjoy, grab some popcorn and you’re all set or if you really want to reduce screentime – the struggle is real, my friends!… Buy tickets to the theatre or to a puppet show. Your little ones will surely enjoy the experience.

4) Go to an indoor playground

This is the best way to get them to use up all that energy that makes them bounce off the walls, when at home. An hour spent there, climbing, running, going down those huge slides and it’s done! Happy kid, happy family!

5) Visit a museum or the Aquarium

Museums aren’t boring at all for little kids, especially if you take into account the things that hey’re interesting in, when picking which one to visit.

Our lil man is passionate about animals and especially dinosaurs, so I know, for sure, that any Museum that has animals on display will surely make his day!

He also loves trains, so a visit to the Train Museum is always a good idea.

… And he’s fascinated by sharks, catfish, seahorses… so I know he’ll always enjoy a trip to the Aquarium

6) Visit the Christmas Market or take a walk to enjoy the Christmas decorations in town

This is such a nice way to spend some time outside, especially on those winter days when it gets dark at 4 p.m, so you can’t really stay in the park for too long.

It’s also a nice way to get into that festive mood. So go out, drink a cup of hot chocolate or some mulled wine, have some donuts and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and decorations.


If you’re not really into the whole Christmas Market thing, you can always go for a walk to just enjoy the Holiday decorations in town. We went to Lafarge Lake, the other day, had some hot chocolate and really enjoyed this magical winter world they created there. It’s worth a visit, if you live nearby. 🙂

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