Hi, I’m Alice! Thank you so much for being here! I’m a mom of a 3-year-old boy, that’s still a kid at heart herself, wife and journalist turned blogger.

I was born in Europe, in a country known to be the land of vampires, so I guess no Wonderland for this Alice.. it’s Vampireland! Muhahaha! Jokes aside, my home country is Romania, one of the most beautiful places in Europe and yet one of the most overlooked destinations.

By the way, this is how winter looks like in Bucharest, Romania. Greetings from the three polar bears!

Our family moved to live in sunny Madrid, Spain in 2016 and then in 2018 we moved again, to Canada. We’re now living in Vancouver, British Columbia and loving every minute of it!

This blog is my daily retreat and I hope it will become yours too, I write because it makes me feel good, it’s something that I love doing and can’t really live without, since I gave up on being a journalist, in order to focus more on our growing family.

Come and enjoy a daily cup of sunshine with me!

What’s in my cup of Sunshine (no, it’s not Vodka, though… hehe)

I see this blog as a friendly space for every mom to have a break, drink a cup of coffee together, vent, share tips and thoughts and get that daily dose of optimism, that we all really need.

I know becoming a mom is an overwhelming process and guys, there is no better time than now, to use that sense of humor! We need it. Hey, I need it! And I’m not afraid to use it! Sometimes it’s the only thing to keep us afloat. Laugh, because if you don’t, then you’re probably crying…

Here’s what you’ll find here: an honest blog, about real life, real problems and real solutions (when I have them), that I’ll share with you, on how to raise happy kids (and not lose your mind in the process!… kidding! 🙂 … but maybe not!), I’ll share my tips and thoughts with you on every topic of mom life, lifestyle and travel.

I’m also a fan of gentle parenting and this is how I am raising my little boy: with love, respect and understanding, so I will write about this too, hoping to inspire other moms, that are looking for gentle solutions, just like me.

And here’s another thing about me: I’m a pessimist handing you a cup of sunshine! That’s weird, isn’t it?! Haha. Yes, it may look like it but, actually, it isn’t at all. I’m a pessimist, with a deep need to have a plan B and a plan C… and D … if plan A goes wrong, but I’m the most optimistic pessimist I know, because when things don’t turn out as I’d like them to, being able to laugh about it, at myself, at my mistakes, it’s what will get me through the day, until I get another shot at doing things better.

There’s no such thing as a perfect mom, there’s no such thing as perfect, though we all strive to get there and that’s a good thing. In the end, we’re all a perfect pile of imperfections and that’s OK, I’m OK with that… because how boring and humorless life would be otherwise.

I love books, travel and shopping and I love to eat more than I love to cook, though I do the first one way less than I’d like to and the second one way more than I’d like to.

Here’s us having lunch with some… (cough)… lovely friends of ours! Actually, they feel more like relatives, really… you know, the kind that invite themselves over and forget to leave… My kid is in his dinosaur stage, so he takes them everywhere with him and I mean – everywhere! On that particular day, they were being taught how to share a straw. He took his job very seriously, as you can see. Sharing a straw is an important skill, in life. One must learn to master it! 😀

If you want to write to me, I’d be more than happy to hear from you, you can do it by posting comments on my blog.

So, welcome and here’s to our daily cup of sunshine together! Cheers!